• 1 Nephi 14:14, D&C 54:6: Covenants bring power to people who keep them.
  • Mosiah 5:5: Part of that power is to do all things that the Lord has commanded us to do.  We cannot do it without the power and grace of God that is activated by covenants.
  • Alma 43:11, 46:20, 51:6, 53:16-18: Covenants sometimes require us to do difficult things.  (Because of the covenants made, the people had to fight or sometimes not fight and die, both difficult)  But it makes the decision easier to make. (There was no question about whether the people would fight or not because they had already made a covenant that made it easier to act one way or the other.)
  • D&C 25:13: Covenants bring happiness and peace to our lives.
  • D&C 97:8, 98:14: Covenants bring sacrifice and then added blessings.

 These scriptures can be used in connection with “The Power of Covenants” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson in April 2009 Ensign.  He talks about three types of power that we receive from covenants.


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