This scripture chain can be used in connection with President Thomas S. Monson’s talk in April 2009 General Conference.

2 Nephi 10:23: In teaching the Nephites, Jacob points out one of the great aspects of life that can give us hope and bring cheer in tough times, the ability to make choices.  We are free to choose to follow God and free to choose whether we will be optimistic and full of hope or not.

Alma 17:31: Ammon teaches an important lesson that is supported by President Monson’s talk.  The first thing to do in order to bring cheer to our hearts is to use that agency to get up and do something.  God can then bring hope, cheer and success in our lives because we have started to move.  He tells the scared Lamanites to get up and start gathering the sheep directly after telling them to “be of good cheer.”

D&C 61:36, 68:6, and 78:18:  All these verses have a similar message regarding being of good cheer.  The Lord is always with us.  He will not leave us, particularly in our times of greatest need.  That is one of the great lessons of the D&C.

Matt 9:2: Christ teaches an amazing principle about good cheer in this verse.  Talking with a man who has palsy and was paralyzed he taught that the man should, “be of good cheer” because his sins had been forgiven.  Despite his physical limitations and disadvantages he could be included in the commandment to have good cheer because he had attained a promise of spiritual forgiveness.  Good cheer is an eternal, spiritual condition not based on temporal, temporary conditions.  As taught in Alma and 2 Nephi, this man had both the agency and the ability to choose good cheer, and so do we!


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