Lesson 38: “Beside Me There Is No Saviour” Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine

Lesson 38: “Beside Me There Is No Saviour”

Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine

Key Principles:

  1. Jesus Christ provides salvation for us in a way that no other entity can.
  2. Jesus is uniquely qualified for this position.

Readiness Activity:

No matter what your age you have thought about what you would do for a living. As a child we knew what we wanted to be when we grew up. Then we move into higher levels of education or life experience and have to select a profession of one kind or another. Talk with the class about how this process has worked in your life and ask for examples of how people in your class have selected their major in college or their career. What are some of the common characteristics of this selection process? Things like your skill level, your likes and interests, the education that is available to you, the financial needs or constraints of your life, etc. You can have some fun with this by asking about stories from people’s first jobs or their early years in their chosen field. Today we are going to talk about a specific job that needed done and a person who was uniquely qualified for that position

Scripture Discussion:

Start with the scriptures in the first section in the lesson manual that describes the questions the Savior asks and the answers that he gives. Have them written on the board and ask, “Let’s look at who is the candidate and what job they are looking to fill.” We are looking for a Savior and only Jesus Christ can fill that role.

Just like with a job, we want to know what the skills, abilities, and qualifying characteristics are that this candidate has. This is found in the second section. List these scriptures on the board and have the class spend a few minutes looking through these scriptures to identify what these scriptures teach us about the characteristics of Christ that make him the only candidate possible for the position of Savior of the world. Have class members share their thoughts and experiences with these scriptures. You can spend as much time as you would like in this section talking about the role of the Savior and the impact this has had on the lives of your students.

If there is still time permitting move to section 4 and discuss Isaiah 49. In his role as the Savior, Jesus is much like a CEO. He has a job that he has to do as well as giving us responsibilities that we must fulfill if we want to receive the blessings described. Look through the verses described in Isaiah 49 and discuss our “job” in this scenario. How confident do you feel that you can fulfill this job? Is there a difference between our approach to this job and to the professions that we have chosen for our secular careers?


We have talked a lot in this lesson about the Savior and his role in our lives. I would end this class by asking, “What is the most important thing that this lesson teaches about what I need to do this week to become more like the Savior?” Then wait and allow people to think and answer, don’t rush and end the discussion, even if no one answers right away.


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