Lesson 37: “Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things” Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Lesson 37: “Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things”

Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Key Principles:

  1. We all have struggles and challenges.
  2. Jesus Christ is the source of strength and solution for the significant challenges we all face.

Readiness Activity:

Ask for a volunteer to come to the front of the class and have the volunteer bend over. Place a cup, full of uncooked rice, cereal or some other items, balancing on the person’s back right between their shoulder blades. Tell them they need to get the cup off of their back without spilling any of the contents. The volunteer will either sit there motionless, because they know even the slightest movement will spill the contents of the cup, or they will try to take it off themselves and spill it everywhere. If they spill, place another cup back on their back, and tell them they need to figure out how to get it off without spilling. After they are stumped for a minute, ask them if they want help. When they say they do, have another student simply stand up and take the cup off of their back for them.

Ask, “When in your life have you ever felt like this person felt? What are some of the challenges that we face that at times appear insurmountable?” You don’t want to get into confession of sins here, but it is good to talk about some of the real challenges that people in the class are currently facing. We all face challenges and often feel as though there is no way to solve our problems.

Scripture Discussion:

The lesson manual does a good job of outlining some scripture where Isaiah teaches about the amazing things the Savior does to help in in our most difficult times. List those scriptures from the manual on the board and ask the class to look for teachings from the verses that would help with one of the problems that were discussed earlier. For example, if one of the problems that was listed has something to do with a painful trial that we have to go through you could talk about Isaiah 25:8 about how the Savior wipes away our tears. This discussion can take up most of the lesson. You can use some of the questions from the manual when you talk about specific verses. What verses didn’t have a match? It might happen that no one will point out that one of the major problems that we face is that without the resurrection in our life we would face a problem we can’t overcome and that the Savior has paid that price for us. Isaiah 26:19 teaches us this. Another one we might miss is that Christ destroys the vail. How does the information and guidance that we receive when Christ breaks through the vail and guide our lives influence us? How is this like the cup of rice on our backs?


Wrap up by sharing your testimony and encouraging the class to share their testimony about Jesus Christ’s impact in their lives.


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