Lesson 36: The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Lesson 36: The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense

Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Key Principles:

  1. There are evils in the world that infect our lives as well.
  2. The safety against these evils is to protect ourselves in our homes, churches, and temples.

Readiness Activity:

Pick a food that is somewhat polarizing in regards to people liking it or not. Something like sushi, tofu, fish, turkey burgers, etc. I would use sushi as people usually either love it or hate it. Ask someone from each camp, the lovers and the haters to come up and explain why sushi is so amazing or so awful. For some reason, people either really love this food, or they really hate it. Ask, “How is that like Isaiah?” Talk about it for a bit. One of the problems with Isaiah is that it is simply hard for people to understand and apply the things that Isiah is teaching. Much like sushi, if you love it, it’s hard to explain and get others to apply that love of sushi to themselves. Today we are going to try and understand Isaiah a bit better.

Scripture Study:

In the manual there is a list of scriptures from Isaiah that describe some of the sins of his day. List a few of them on the board (probably not all of them, just pick your favorites). Explain to the class that these are all about the wickedness that was going on in Isaiah’s time. Have the class read through as many of the scriptures as they can in 3-5 minutes and try and identify the wickedness that Isaiah is describing. Have them put it into words that everyone in the class can understand. If there are some that people are struggling with, the lesson outline gives a good explanation of each of the scriptures listed and you can share these with the class.

This is the part of the lesson where you really have to have built trust with the class. Isaiah talks about these wicked things that are going on. We also can see that many of the same problems that they faced then we face now. The trap that we often fall into is assigning these shortcomings to others as sins of the world that we aren’t really a part of. For example, Isaiah 5:20 talks about how the people called evil good and good evil. We would look at the world at large or Hollywood and say they are guilty of this same thing and we are living in a wicked world. But, what about you and I personally battling with this same shortcoming? Ask the class, “Which of these would you say is a personal struggle for you in your life?” You don’t want people to get into sharing deep sins, but to realize that what Isaiah is saying has personal application for each of us. Continuing with the example of Isaiah 5:20, are there things that I do even though I know I shouldn’t. Things that I have convinced myself are ok, even if they are in fact evil? This can be a good discussion, just make sure it doesn’t turn into confession of sins.

As Isaiah prophesied, we live in a time where much of this wickedness is a part of our lives as well. So, how do we protect ourselves and our families? You shouldn’t be surprised by the answer; it’s just a matter of understanding Isaiah! Look at Isaiah 4:5-6 and identify the three places that Isaiah describes in those verses.

Don’t worry if the class can’t identify the three places right away, it took me a few times reading it to see what the three places mentioned were! The lesson does a good job of highlighting these three areas. Lead the class in a discussion regarding what specific things they are doing to use their homes, the church, and temples as “a place of refuge.” The Lord makes us a promise that he will assist us in this; discuss with the class what help they have felt from the Lord in protecting themselves and their families from the evil that can invade our lives. This is a great time to get people sharing their testimonies of the importance of creating a safe haven within our homes.


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