Lesson 35: God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Lesson 35: God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets

Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Key Principles:

  1. God speaks through his chosen prophets to reveal his word to the people.
  2. God pours out his Spirit on the people to help them understand and apply the words of the prophets.

Readiness Activity:

Ask for a few volunteers. You need 4 or 6 (it must be an even number). Have them sitting back to back with one facing the white board at the front of the class and the other desk facing the back of the class. The student who is facing the back of the class is given a piece of paper to draw on. As the teacher you will draw a simple drawing on the white board (a little mountain scene or something with happy birds and happy trees). The purpose of the activity is to have the student who is facing the front of class, watching you draw, give instructions to the person who is facing the back of the room (and cannot see the board) and have them duplicate what is being drawn on the white board. The person who is explaining what to draw cannot correct their partner who is doing the drawing (i.e. you can’t say, “No, make your sun bigger than what you drew it as” etc.). Do the drawing a second time, having the volunteers trade places with their partner, but this time let the person who is giving the instructions is allowed to correct their partner when they draw something wrong from what is being drawn on the board. When the drawing is complete have them compare the two drawings. Which one is closer to the original on the board and why?

Now ask, “If you were doing this activity as a Family Home Evening lesson, what is the Gospel Principle you would be trying to teach?” You can get a few different answers and will hopefully land on prophets and guidance of things they can see that we can’t. When that comes up, tell the class that this is the topic of the lesson and ask them to go to Amos 3:7 and look at how the Lord chose to teach this doctrine.

Scripture Study:

Amos teaches us that what God does, he will tell us through his prophets. Which of the examples of drawing activities is more like how God works? (You may get various answers here and can have a good discussion. After the first response you might ask, “What’s another thought? There isn’t a right answer so let’s see how much we can learn about how God works from each other and this activitiy.”)

After that discussion, ask the class to turn to Amos 7:10-17. We are going to look for what Amos teaches us about prophets. Write on the board “What We Learn about Prophets from Amos’ Call”. Have one person read or just ask people to skim through these verses and raise their hand when they have found something. There are many possible answers, like:

  • Prophets can come from anywhere
  • What prophets say is what God tells them, not what they want to say.
  • Not everyone will like what the prophet says.
  • Liking what the prophet says doesn’t change the truthfulness of the message.
  • Rebelling against the prophet only brings increased sorrow and negative consequences.

This discussion might take the rest of the class. You can ask for modern examples of these principles and have a discussion around how willing we are to accept the words of the prophets if you feel that is the best course for your class.

If you still have time, there is another important lesson to teach. We have talked about the role of God (the person doing the initial drawing on the board) and the role of the prophet (the person describing the picture). Now we need to talk about the person trying to do the drawing. Have the class turn to Joel 2:28-32. What do these verses teach us about the role of the drawer and how God works with them? (He pours out His Spirit upon them so that they can be delivered). What is our role in receiving instruction from the Lord and His prophets? How does the Spirit help us apply what the prophets are teaching us and apply the lessons to our lives? This is a good time to discuss personal revelation and the need to stay aligned with the Spirit. You could ask, “How beneficial would it be to turn and look at the board, even for just 2 seconds? How is that like personal revelation?”


You could simply ask, “How are you doing drawing your picture? What aspect would you need to do better?”


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