Doctrine and Covenants: Gospel Doctrine Lesson 10: “This Is My Voice unto All”

Readiness Activity:

Start by playing a D&C trivia game. It can be very simple. Split the class in two; ask questions and whoever answers first, their side gets a point. You can make it more complex if you want to make it like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or something. Just make sure not to embarrass anyone or put anyone on the spot too significantly where they might feel uncomfortable. Here are some sample questions:  (Hint: the answers to some of these questions are found in the “Chronological Order of Contents” right before Section 1)

  • What town was Section 25 received in? Answer: Harmony PA
  • How many total sections are there in the D&C? Answer: 138
  • Chronologically, which section was received first? Answer: Section 2
  • Which section contains the teachings of the Word of Wisdom? Answer: Section 89
  • Which section contains the teachings of the 3 Degrees of Glory? Answer: Section 76
  • Which section includes the date the church was to be officially reorganized and was read at that reorganization meeting? Answer: Section 20
  • Revelations were received in 8 different states, name them. Answer: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nebraska, and Utah.

You can add more questions or just use the 7 I have provided here. After the game, ask, “Is gaining information about the scriptures the purpose of reading them? Do we read just so we can answer trivia questions about the scriptures?” The answer will be no. Ask, “Then why do we read the scriptures?” There can be multiple answers here. Get to the point that we read the scriptures to find applications to our own lives. The doctrines and stories should inspire us to change and live better lives. You can share 1 Nephi 19:23 at this point if you would like. Nephi used the scriptures to “liken the scriptures…that it might be for our profit and learning.” Today we are going to look at one section and how we can apply the doctrines of that section for our own profit and learning.


Have class members go to section 25. The section is short so give them about 3-4 minutes to skim over it quickly. What they are looking for are verses that can apply to them. You can start by reading the last verse, “this is my voice unto all.” So, have class members find a verse that they feel “speaks” to them.

There are some great quotes and ideas in the lesson plan to go along with some of the verses.


What changes in behavior do you think Emma experienced as a result of this Section? What changes in behavior do you think we should experience as a result of this section? That is the purpose of the scriptures, finding principles that apply to you and help you improve your behavior.


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