“Lesson 43: The Shepherds of Israel,” Old Testament Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity
Bring in two foods. One is really good and the other is really gross. The worse the better! Mix some stewed tomatoes and some SPAM. Something that is just totally terrible. Then have some chocolate or something really good. Ask for two volunteers to come up. They are each going to eat the food, just in a different order. One gets to eat the gross food first and then the good. The second gets to eat the good food first and then the bad. Which one is worse? Why does it matter which food is last? (Probably don’t want to have the people actually eat the food!)

Class Discussion
Go to Ezekiel 18:21-29 and look for the lesson of the object. Why would some people feel the way that they do in verse 29? Be sure to point out that it is not where we are now, but the direction we are headed. Never forget that in life. Get yourself going in the right direction and the Lord will be pleased with you.
Now that we understand the principle: it doesn’t matter what we have done, just the direction that we are going, let’s look at an application. Go to Ezekiel 34:2. Who are the shepherds that we are talking about? (It is the members of the church. They are the people of Israel. It is important to remember in this chapter that we are talking about members of the Church. Not “those” people, it is a warning to “us” people). Use some of the great verses in this chapter to teach that the Lord is not pleased when we do not take care of our people. There are people that need us, and we are not free of sin if we don’t take care of them. Share the two quotes from the manual.
Now we know what we need to do: get going in the right direction. We also know how: by taking care of the lost sheep. Now we just need to learn about our tool to make it happen. Ezekiel 37:15-17. These are the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon. Ask, “How does the Book of Mormon help us get going in the right direction and make sure we are taking care of the lost sheep?” This is a question that you don’t want to rush! Ask the question, and then wait. People will answer if you give them time to think!
Close with your testimony.


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