Lesson 28: “After the Fire a Still Small Voice”, Old Testament Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity:

Have three words written on the board: vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. Have every person decide which type of ice cream cone they would like. Have them stand up for which ever they choose. Then ask, “Is there one of the choices that you think a prophet would not be pleased with?”

Class Discussion:

Turn to 1 Kings 18:21. Which one of the ice cream choices does Elijah seem to indicate is unacceptable? (Swirl. He asks, “How long halt ye between two opinions?”)  Elijah then performs one of the greatest miracles of the Old Testament. Why would this help the people make their decision? What examples of the Lord’s power do we have today that helps us make our decision to follow God?

Now go back to Chapter 17 and share the stories of Elijah’s past. His experience of God taking care of him has solidified in his life that God was his choice. What experiences in your life have lead you to know that God will lead you and protect you the same way that Elijah knew?

How will we find out what Elijah knows? The answer is in Kings 19:11-12. What do we need to do in our lives as we learn that God speaks in a still small voice?


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