“Chapter 14: Priesthood Organization,” Gospel Principles

Attention Activity:

Bring in a glass and fill it to the brim with water. Pass it around the class and ask the class to pass it without spilling any of the water. After it gets to the last person, talk about how they handled the cup. Why were they so careful with it? What was the consequence if they didn’t hold it carefully? How could your mishandling of it affect others? How is this similar to how people are supposed to “hold” the priesthood?

Class Discussion:

Starting in the first paragraph you can build off of this idea of carefully holding the priesthood. The first paragraph states, “Men young and old are baptized into the Church, and when they are judged worthy they are ordained to the priesthood. They are given the authority to act for the Lord and do His work on the earth.” What do priesthood holders do to prove they are worthy to hold the priesthood and how do they continue to prove that they are worthy of the authority to act for the Lord?

You can then go through the different aspects of the priesthood and talk about how just like with the cup we are careful with it so that we don’t end up spilling all over our neighbor, we have to carefully hold the priesthood in order to benefit those around us. Talk about what each quorum of the Priesthood is expected to do in order to bless the lives of others. What careful preparation and constant faithfulness is needed to faithfully hold and magnify each office in the priesthood?


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