“Lesson 26: King Solomon: Man of Wisdom, Man of Foolishness,” Old Testament Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity:

Start by asking class members to find in their scriptures a place where the Lord tells someone to ask for anything they want. (There are a few cases: Peter, James, and John; the Nephites Apostles; Enos; and Solomon.) Most will come up with the  Nephites and the three Apostles, but probably no one will come up with Solomon. Have them talk about what was desired and what the outcome of their request was. You can even have a discussion about what people in the class would ask for. What if you couldn’t ask for eternal life or to live on the earth until the 2nd Coming like the 3 Nephites? Then what would you ask for?

Class Discussion:

Now go to 1 Kings 3 and read the verses about Solomon asking for wisdom. Why is this such a great request? Is this something that you would ask for? What would be the effect on your life if you prayed for and received this great blessing? Solomon teaches a great lesson. He received great judgment and so he knew what was right, but he did not follow it. Just knowing isn’t enough. Let’s find out some more principles that his life can teach. Spend a few minutes in chapter 10 talking about all the great blessings that the Lord poured out on Solomon. Now go to chapter 11. Despite the fact that his head knew what he should do, his heart was not right in the site of God (verse 4). It is the same with us today. Just because we know what we should do, we have to be able to get that knowledge into our heart. We have all the knowledge we need, we just have to act on it. For the last part of the lesson, I would tie King Solomon’s punishment to a great talk by Elder Holland. Click here to view it. People who are unfaithful don’t always see the punishment themselves, but it is often more pronounced in their children. This was true for Solomon. The curse for his unrighteousness was on his children. How is that still true for us today? How do we avoid it?


What do we learn that is great from Solomon? What do we need to avoid from his life?


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