Chapter 13: The Priesthood,” Gospel Principles

Attention Activity:

Start the class with the words, “The Priesthood is like…” on the board. Have class members take one minute to come up with the best analogy they can to describe the Priesthood. Have a few share their ideas. Another fun way to do this is to come into class with a few things written on pieces of paper like, ice cream, BYU Football, or hand soap. Assign one word to each person or to groups and have them come up with ideas of how that item is like the Priesthood.

Class Discussion:

I do like the idea from the manual of having the class break up into 5 groups, one for each of the headings. Then have them go over the section and come up with an idea of on object that the Priesthood is like based on their section. Have each class discuss the ideas. (This can be a fun thing to encourage them to then do at home as a Family Home Evening to try and teach the ideas of the Priesthood using household objects.) I would spend most of my time focusing on the last two. How to properly use the Priesthood and the blessings that come from the Priesthood. You could compare the Priesthood to  a car in this manner. Give a car to a 2 year old and it is really useless. Someone has to be able to drive it in order for it to be useful. But, knowledge alone isn’t enough. You have to prove faithful and competent to get to be able to use a car. And, once you can drive a car, now you can bless others in many additional ways. Driving your sister around for example! Have a little fun, but it is a great way to teach these principles in a way that will stick in the heads of the class.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 13: The Priesthood,” Gospel Principles

  1. Thank you so much! I was a little nervous about this lesson, because three weeks ago the Teachings for Our Times lesson was also on the priesthood, but these ideas will really help the lesson feel fresh.


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