Lesson 25: “Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise the Lord”, Old Testament Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity:

Start class by asking everyone to write down what job they think they would have had if they had lived in Jesus’ time. There are only a few choices and most people couldn’t do what they do during our time. Ask a few people top share what they have selected. Jesus was a carpenter, but when he talked about himself or when others talked about him there was another profession that they often used as a comparison.

Class Discussion:

Have class members go Psalms 23 to see what profession is one of the Types of Christ. Spend a few minutes talking about why being a shepherd is such a great profession to explain Christ. Now you can go through Part 2 and 3 from the lesson manual. The main principle to focus on is Christ takes care of us (just like a Shepherd) and then in Part 3 and 4 the Psalmist describes the obligation that we have to the Lord. Spend the rest of the time discussing the principle of what Christ does for us and what our obligation to the Lord is.


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