“Chapter 39: Relief Society: Divine Organization of Women,” Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

“Chapter 39: Relief Society: Divine Organization of Women,” Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

Attention Activity:

Prepare about 7 different pieces of paper with 7 different medical problems on them.  For example, “Needs stitches on finger,” “Has the flu,” “broken arm,” etc.  Then prepare 7 cards with the resolution for those maladies.  So, “Stitches on finger,” “cast on arm,” etc.  Give the 7 sicknesses to 7 people and have them come to the front of the room without showing their card to anyone.  Then have the 7 medical procedures come up and try to give their paper to the right person, without looking at what the sickness is.  Obviously this will not work.  There may be some that get it right just by chance, but the majority will be wrong.  Now ask, “When are some times in our lives that we try to give relief without following the proper pattern?”  (You will have to wait on an answer here, but be patient, someone will answer if you wait for it.)  Then ask, “What is the proper pattern for administering relief to someone either spiritually or temporally?”  This weeks lesson is going to help answer that by looking at the Relief Society.

Class Discussion:

Now you are set up to teach each of the sections in the chapter.  The first is to be organized and follow the Prophet.  (This is the first section)  The next is to use the Spirit and our natural abilities to help others.  This means that everyone can help, just do well what you are good at and the Lord will put you in places where he can use your talents.  (This is the second section).  Then practice and teach the basic doctrines of the Gospel (or holiness).  This does come after trying to help and give comfort to others.  Just like in the attention activity you actually have to know what the other person needs before you can help them.  That is what the second section is about is using our talents to be able to connect with people to try and find out how we can best help them.  And finally, follow the pattern that the Savior set of eliminating strife and treating everyone with respect and kindness.  This is the pattern for offering relief.  There are some great paragraphs in here (for the priesthood there are some great quotes about the sisters making sure that we do our Priesthood duties.  So the discussion can steer toward what we are supposed to be learning from the women.  Have we learned what we are supposed to have learned from the Relief Society?)  There are great statements about what women do well and what the Lord expects of us in giving and helping others.  You can have a great discussion around the ideas of following this pattern in helping others.

Leave a comment if this lesson idea helps at all!  Let me know how your lesson went so I can always tweak and improve my lesson ideas.  Thanks!


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