“Lesson 19: The Plan of Salvation,” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine

“Lesson 19: The Plan of Salvation,” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity:

There is a number of ways to get to this one, but in the end you are going to tell a story about a superhero.  You can start with the story, or you can get the class talking a little by doing an activity like, “Write down your favorite superhero and the attribute about that hero that is most appealing to you.”  You could also have them pick the superhero they would want to be for one day and why.  You could also get them more active  by doing charades or pictionary with the names of superheros.  Don’t spend too much time on it, but you want to do as much as needed to get the class talking and active so they will be more active during the lesson.  Once you are done with your activity (or you can start right with the story if that is best for your class) tell the following story.

“There once was a group of people in real danger.  There was a villain who had been laying plans to destroy the planet.  There was no hope for the citizens of the world and things looked very bad.  But, along came a superhero to save the planet from evil!  He came and bravely faced the evil tyrant and all his henchmen.  He worked with the local authorities to try to clean up the place and make the world safe.  Many of the people loved the superhero, he started to have a little bit of a fan club.  This made the villain very upset and he and his henchmen decided to put a stop to the superhero once and for all.  They made a great plan to catch the superhero and kill him.   Because the superhero wanted to save everyone, he made one final effort to overthrow the villain once and for all.  Unfortunately he was betrayed by one of his closest fan club members and the villain’s henchmen caught the superhero.  The superhero was taken and killed.”

(The superhero, of course is Christ, but don’t tell the end of the story yet.)  Ask the class, “What parts of this story sound just like a superhero movie, and which parts are completely different?”  (There are many similarities to this story and about every superhero story, think Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. The main difference is that the superhero dies!)  “What is wrong with this story?”  “How would you feel if the next superhero movie that you went to ended with the superhero dying?”  Luckily, this isn’t the end of the story.

Class Discussion:

Turn to D&C 138: 55-56.   How are we are similar to the superhero.  (We are supposed to come for the “salvation of the souls of men.”)  And in the end, we will die too!  So, what more do we need to know about this story?  The rest of the lesson can be spent talking about how the story is simply incomplete.  You can tell the rest of the story of Christ and then spend time in the scriptures from the lesson talking about how we were prepared, what the purpose of this life is, and what will happen to us when we die.  The main point based on the story is that this life is not necessarily fair and will not be the end.  There is life after death and a reward for keeping the commandments here on earth.

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