“Lesson 17: The Law of Tithing and the Law of the Fast,” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine

“Lesson 17: The Law of Tithing and the Law of the Fast,” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine

Attention Activity: Ask the class (or find on the Internet and share with the class) to share some advice they have heard from television analysts, on the news, in a magazine or in the newspaper on how to best handle their money in the midst of this financial crisis.  You can spend a few minutes talking about whether this is a good time to invest in the stock market and how best to save for the future.  (Make sure you don’t get into a long and boring discussion on this though, this is not a lesson on that topic!)  Then ask the class what the primary goal of investing and savings is.  The answer is ROI, Return on Investment.  You want to get the most money back for the money you put in.  Tell the class about the Church’s Provident Living site.  In the area of finances, “What is the number one rule on financial security?”  Of course the answer is Tithing.  Why is it that giving some of our money away is the best way to ensure financial security?  Shouldn’t we be holding onto as much as possible?

Class Discussion: Tithing is such a well known and often discussed topic that the following should work great in starting the discussion.  Tell the class you are going to give them 5 minutes to find  good scripture on tithing.  Anything from what it is to the blessings we get for paying tithing.  Ask the class to share their findings and move forward from there.  Cover the verses in the lesson on the blessings we receive.  You may even end class by asking class members to share an experience from their family or personal lives where tithing has fulfilled the promise of “pouring a blessing on [their] heads.”

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