Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine “Lesson 14: The Law of Consecration”

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine “Lesson 14: The Law of Consecration”

Attention Activity:

Prepare about 6 bags with about 10 grapes per bag.  Before revealing the situation ask for 6 volunteers.  Have each come up and then give them a bag of grapes.  Tell them that they have 20 seconds to try and eat all the grapes in the bag.  This is do-able, but difficult.  Tell them that the goal is to have all the grapes eaten by the time the 20 seconds is up.  Start the timer and watch them go.  After the time is up see how many of them accomplished the task.  Hopefully someone did not!  Ask that person if they really tried hard to eat all the grapes.  Could they have tried harder?  (Don’t make them feel bad, just have fun with it.)  The goal here is to get to the fact that some were more successful than others in this event, even though everyone probably tried their best.  Now ask, “If there were a large reward offered for fulfilling this task, all the grapes eaten by the end of the time, what could they have done differently?”  Another good question is to ask, “Based on what you have seen so far, what do you think this lesson is going to be about?”  Then tell the class that we are going to talk about the law of consecration.

Class Discussion:

Based on the attention activity, what do we know about the principles of the law of consecration.

  1. God has given all of us specific talents.
  2. There is an expectation of equality.

You can now use the verses from this lesson to help build on those principles to understand more of what we are to know about this law.  Start with section 51 verses 2-3.  There are two more things we need to understand in these verses. 

  1. The law of consecration is God’s law.  Although we are not living it fully now, if we want to live with and like God, we must  live the principles of it fully.
  2. Equality is based on needs and wants.  This can lead to a great discussion on how we can help fill this principle now.  What can we do to make sure others needs and wants are filled.

That leads to 82:19.  That everyone must have the interest of his neighbor as a high priority.  This is a part of the law that we can live today.  Do we really think about others and how we can help them. 

Then go to verse 18.  The expectation of the Lord is that he has given us talents and we use those talents to improve others lives as well as actively seeking ways to improve ourselves.  You can ask, “What have you done, or seen others do, to improve their talents and their abilities to give?”

These are some of my favorite verses.  You may also want to use 42:42 to talk about not being idle.  Many more verses are available to you so that you to customize it to your class.


With the few principles that we talked about today, what are some ways we can live the law of consecration now?


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