LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 10: “This Is My Voice unto All”

LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 10: “This Is My Voice unto All”

Attention Activity:

Start class with the words “The Purpose of the Scriptures is…”  Ask class members to individually answer that question.  (If I were teaching a class of teenagers I would have each class member answer the question by themselves.  Then put them with a partner or in a group of three and have them share with each other what their answers were and come up with one answer from the group.  This gives the class a chance to talk and get going before we get into the class discussion section.)  After you have had a few minutes to get answers, have the class turn to 1 Nephi 19:23 to find out what Nephi says is the purpose of the scriptures.  Today we are going to try to apply the scriptures to our lives.

Class Discussion:

The topic this week is Section 25.  This class discussion is going to be slightly different.  The teacher will need to be prepared to talk about a wide variety of topics.  Have each class member select a group of four verses.  Verses 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16.  Have them pick one of the verses in the section that they think most closely applies to them and be ready to share their ideas.  After a few minutes ask for volunteers to share, or you can call on people to share what they came up with.  Read the verse, talk about what it meant to Emma, and then talk about how that verse would possibly apply to us today.

One example.  Verse 14.  For Emma this was a verse about thinking more about her family, particularly her husband in order to get personal satisfaction or glory.  What would we substitute in for “husband?”  The principle is that if we sacrifice more for someone or something else we will find greater fulfillment in our lives.  So, “What are some things that you could sacrifice for in order to find greater happiness?”  You can do this similar type of thing for just about every verse in this section.  It is really a great section to get some discussion going on how it can apply to our lives.


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