LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 9: “The Only True and Living Church”

LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 9: “The Only True and Living Church”

Attention Activity:

Tell the class that today we are going to cover section 20 of the D&C. This section was given in preparation of the official organization of the Church. Tell the class that in the first 15 verses the Lord establishes 5 critical doctrines for the Church. We are going to do a pretest to see if anyone can guess the 5 things that the Lord talks about when setting up His Church. (You may offer a treat for anyone who gets all 5 to make it fun, or you can throw in a game to try and get a little more activity going at the beginning of the class.) The 5 are:

Priesthood (verses 2-3)

Jesus Christ (verse 4)

Repentance (verses 5-6)

Book of Mormon and Revelation (verses 8-12)

Agency (verses 14-16)

Class Discussion:

This class will require you to be ready to talk about a few different things and take the class in a few different directions. It will only cover section 20, but there are a lot of great verses here that can make for a great lesson. One important thing to remember is that you are never going to get to everything in any lesson. Just pick some of the most important points and go with that knowing that you are leaving some things out. So that is what will happen with this lesson.

Tell the class that verses 17-29 answer some of the most important questions in the history of the world. Give the class 5 minutes to skim over that section of verses and write down questions that a person may have (either a member or person of another faith) that these verses would answer.

Some examples:

Verses 17-19 teach some of the most important doctrine about Heavenly Father

Verse 20 discusses Adam and the fall

Verses 21-24 teach about Christ and his mission in overcoming the effects of the fall (this could be a whole lesson by itself. The creation, the fall, and the atonement. The three most important points of eternity in a few verses.)

Verse 26-27 teach that God loves all people in all different times.

Verse 29 teaches about repentance and the Gospel.

You can go many different ways and have a great discussion with whatever the class wants to talk about.


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