LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 8: The Restoration of the Priesthood

LDS Gospel Doctrine Lesson 8: The Restoration of the Priesthood

Attention Activity:
Tell each class member to think of a really neat, special or beautiful place (like somewhere that they have been on vacation to or a place they served during their mission.) that they have been that most people in the class would not have been to. Have them think about the best way to describe that place to someone else. Have a few of the people talk about their place. Talk about the difference in appreciation for that place for the person describing it verses the rest of the class. (The person describing the place will always think it is more beautiful and more special than other members of the class because they have a personal connection.) Now ask, “What would be the best way to get the rest of the class to have the same feelings for that location as the describer does?” (The class members would have to go to that location and have a similar experience.)

Class Discussion:
Now turn to D&C 84:23. What was the goal of Moses in this verse? Why did he want so badly for the people to see the face of God for themselves. Wasn’t it enough that he saw God and could tell them about it? Now look in the previous verses to see what the pattern was to get to see God. (The ordinances are needed.) What is the necessary requirement to being able to perform the ordinances. (The priesthood.) That is why D&C 84:18 states that the Lord gives the Priesthood to Aaron, to help bring all people into God’s presence. This is one of the main reasons for the need to have the Priesthood restored in our day.

The rest of the lesson can follow fairly closely with what the lesson manual suggests. You will want to talk about the restoration of the priesthood and how the priesthood has had an effect in the lives of your class members.

Now look in D&C 84:24. What caused the people to not be able to enter the presence of the Lord? (They hardened their hearts.) What role does the priesthood and the ordinances of the Gospel play in helping us stay humble and progress toward seeing God and having that personal experience for ourselves?


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