Christian Courage

Here is a scripture chain that gives you some ideas you could use on a talk about the Christian Courage.  This chain was inspired by Elder Robert D. Hales talk from October 2008 General Conference.  It is not intended to be inclusive, but will give you some ideas that could start you in a good direction.  Please comment on any topics you would liked to see added and check back for additional talk topics. 

The Expectation:

1 Peter 2:19-20 (This is an interesting one because Peter teaches that it is acceptable to Christ when we suffer patiently especially when we have done nothing wrong.  A difficult task!)

3 Nephi 12:38-45

Matt 18:21-35

D&C 98:39-45 (Even if someone sins against us 4 times, the most we can do is ask for recompense, if he gives it we must forgive, if not, we turn it over to the Lord—He will avenge.)

D&C 64:9-11



1 Nephi 8:33

Alma 14:14-29 (Notice how long Alma and Amulek suffered before doing anything.

Acts 5:40-42

Acts 7:54-60

Luke 23:34


Promised Blessings

D&C 121:7-8

D&C 122:7-8

3 Nephi 22:10-17





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